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The RTC-700 series is one of the most versatile rugged tablets in the market today. You are free to select between no top module, a module with physical COM and Ethernet port and a module with 1D/2D barcode scanner. You can even complete these modules with an extra base module with magnetic strip and/or smart card reader. So no matter if you want to use it as a Mobile HMI, eTicket validator, stock taking device or rugged POS system, the RTC-700 will do the work for you.

The RTC-700 series comes in 2 models: one (RTC-700B) with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and one (RTC-700RK) with Android 6.0. This gives you the freedom to create and apply applications to your needs.

Tough companion
The RTC-700 will prove itself a trusty companion at your side at all times and through all kinds of circumstances, defying heavy rain, dust, sand, snow and mud during your intensive day at the job. Dropping it will not give you the terror shock-and-awe you normally have dropping your consumer-grade tablet.

Data transfer and positioning is crucial for your day in the field. The RTC-700 is equipped with WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS/GLONASS and 3G/LTE to ensure accurate positioning and fast data response whether in a car, bus, truck or even harvester. The docking station or optional onboard module will even provide extra (back-up) connectivity through physical Ethernet or COM-port.



Next to the optional NFC/Mifare RFID reader, the optionally integrated solid-state 1D/2D barcode reader will read a wide variation of barcodes for all your tracking & tracing needs, whether in delivering packages, monitoring machine maintenance or taking stock in your warehouse. It reads the most popular used barcodes from 1D EAN/UPC to 2D DataMatrix codes.

Furthermore, the 8MP auto-focus camera with flash will create the right picture for you in any environment, whether you are documenting damage to goods upon delivery or making scenery pictures for your field surveying goals. The hot-swappable battery will give you the flexibility to work some extra hours past the obligatory 8-hour work-day.

The RTC-700 continuous its’ flexibility to scale your needs with different accessories.

Running out of battery power? No worries, the hot-swappable battery can be exchanged in seconds and fits nicely in the 4-battery charging station to recharge in just a couple of hours.

If you want to wear the RTC-700 on your hand at all times, the screwable hand strap (auto-adjust to all size hands) will just do the trick for you.

Furthermore, the docking station will give you the capability to charge the RTC-700 and, through the 4 extra USB ports, add extra peripherals to it, such as a keyboard/pad, UHF RFID reader, forklift sensor, etc. The docking station also provides for physical Ethernet and a COM port for legacy devices.