RTC Markets

Industrial (Field) Service

RTC tablets are very well suited for so-called Mobile HMI applications. You can either remote control your machines from a remote location or interact with the machine directly using WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, COM or Ethernet-port.

Logistics / Warehouse Management

RTC tablets are the obvious choice when migrating from traditional mobile computers as they will still match the required form-fit, but with bigger/more readable and interactive screen. The optionally integrated solid-state 1D/2D barcode reader will read a wide variation of barcodes for all your tracking & tracing needs, whether in delivering packages or taking stock in your warehouse. It reads the most popular used barcodes from 1D EAN/UPC to 2D DataMatrix codes.


Whether you would like to provide real-time scheduling information on the bus or train or you would like to validate (e)tickets, RTC tablets give you the flexibility to scan tickets through a dedicated 1D/2D barcode reader, read transportation smart cards through card reading modules and receive live info on the current trip your customers are making through the 3G and/or WiFi network.

Construction / Agriculture

With comparable challenging conditions such as heavy rain, wind, dust, mud and drops on concrete/rocks, construction and agriculture markets have proven to be a good match to RTC tablets. Whether on a crane, dump truck or harvester, the RTC will provide you with reliable information at any time.

And many more...

In short, if you are working in an environment where there is chance of heavy rain, drops in water / on concrete,
mud, dust, snow, extreme heat / cold, RTC tablets are the way to go as these take you further into the
woods, mountains, mines and oceans...