Wild Water Rapid RTC-600 Test; putting IP67 testing to extremes

Putting IP67 testing to extremes

During the Kick-off meetings we hold twice a year at AAEON Europe, we always like to include some activities around all the presentations and workshops. This keeps us energized and is just a lot of fun.

This 2017 H2 meeting was no different and as we were staying at a Center Parcs resort this time around, swimming was one of the activities although swimming is maybe a big word as it basically was going of water slides and water rapids the whole time. Especially the men in our team (myself included) could not resist to let the kid inside of us out.

Being responsible for our RTC Rugged Tabletline of products, I saw an opportunity to give my Taiwanese colleagues a bit of a shock to test the IP67-rating of our RTC-600 device in a bit different way.

The normal IP67 test is quite tranquil: The device is submerged into 1 meter of (still) standing water for max. 30 minutes and if everything still works, it is deemed OK.

Although not advised by us and this being an improbable real-life situation in Field Service/Maintenance, Logistics, Construction and Geospatial markets, I thought to test te IP67 rating on a different level, adding vibration and shock to the equation: In a Wild Water Rapid!

See below the journey and result of this extreme test:

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