BLOG: Can a Rugged Tablet survive an avalanche?

Can a Rugged Tablet survive an avalanche?


Last week we at AAEON Europe had our annual Channel Partner Conference. It was held in Chamonix Mont-Blanc in France and it is a mesmerizing place. Next to the productive meetings in the morning done by ourselves as well as some of our Ecosystem partners, there was time in the afternoon and evening for fun activities, drinks and great food.

Being responsible for the RTC Rugged Tablet product portfolio, I thought this would be an ideal location to put our latest addition, the 11.6" RTC-1200SK, to a real test. The first day of activities we were quite high up (approx 1,400 meters) and it was blistering cold (at least -12°C). Everybody suited up for the occasion and were good sports about it.

Due to the cold, not a lot of people where able to take pictures with their smartphones as these just died...

To prove a point about the ruggedness of our tablets, I was brave enough to give the RTC-1200SK an active part in an activity called "Avalanche Rescue".

Did the RTC-1200SK pass the test? See for yourself:

Interested? Contact us today or request a demo via one of our partners (all RTC models).


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